Welcome to Little Mina’s Page! I first started off as a Cam Model On November 2011.
Years passed as I slowly starting drifting towards being a producer than being a model. After performing in front of the camera so many time, I feel as though I should spend more time producing. Although everyone once and a while, you’ll see me in front of the camera, this is only to help the model I hire to feel more relax so they know they aren’t a lone. I don’t ever want a model to feel as though they are pushed or forced, but there are times where I have a vision for certain things and then the model changing their minds due to their self consciousness or other mind sets. Don’t get me wrong, I will feel a little frustrated but worry not, Super Mina always find solutions.
There are a lot of new models out there that needs help getting started or needs some guidelines. I’m here to help. Everyone needs help, it’s your choice whether you accept it and do something about it, or not. I have been in their shoes and I understand. Thank you everyone who has supported me all these years and the ones who are new. I am happy to say without you none of this would have been possible. My greatest regret is not doing this sooner. Now that I’m getting older, I feel as though it’s my turn to pass on my torch to the next generation.

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